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Settings - Ringing

You have the option to choose which mp3 file to use as your ring tone on your softphone.

Settings - Caller Info

When making VoIP calls (VoIP to VoIP) you have the option to choose which name will be shown to the caller. You also have the option to hide your name from the caller. These options are only available for VOIP to VOIP calls.

Settings - Speed dial

You can assign up to 9 phone numbers to your Bud Light Phone Speed Dial List. Numbers 1 to 9 are reserved for your personally selected Speed Dial numbers. Number 0 is set to call our customer service phone number if required. To call any number from your speed dial list, just type the assigned number you wish to call and click on the "connect" button.

Settings - Audio port

The audio stream from your Bud Light Phone application is transferred from your audio port on your computer. By default the softphone uses port 13000 for audio data. If by any reason this port is blocked by a firewall for example, or you experience one way audio, you can change the port setting to another number. You can choose from 1024 to 65535. Be sure that this port is not blocked by your firewall, ISP, or your router.

Settings - DTMF type

Dual-tone multi-frequency signaling (DTMF) is used for telecommunication signaling over analog telephone lines in the voice-frequency band between telephone handsets and other communications devices and the switching center. The Bud Light Phone desktop application has the option to choose from 2 types of DTMF signaling: In-band and Info.

In telecommunications, in-band signaling is the sending of metadata and control information on the same band and channel sending data. That means that the DTMF signal is sent through the same channel used for voice signaling. Most phone systems support this type of DTMF, but if the sound quality is poor it is possible that the DTMF signal is not recognized properly.

Info method: a specific text message in SIP format is sent for each DTMF signal. Only some VoIP phone systems support this method.

If in some cases the DTMF signal is not recognized by the system you are calling to, you can change the DTMF type in the desktop application’s settings window.

Black list

Bud Light Phone users have the option to add people to their Black List. Black Listed callers will not be able to call your Bud Light Phone.

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